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Council (Presidium)

Group picture of the members of the Presidium.
© Hamburgische Bürgerschaft/Michael Zapf The members of the Presidium of the Hamburg Parliament. From left to right: Secretary Güngör Yilmaz (SPD), First Vice President Mareike Engels (GRÜNE), Vice President Deniz Çelik (Die LINKE), President Carola Veit (SPD), Vice President André Trepoll (CDU), Vice President Frank Schmitt (SPD) and Secretary Rosa Domm (GRÜNE).

The Bürgerschaft is headed by the President. She is supported by the Council, whose members represent her, sharing in the performance of her duties

The President of the Hamburg Parliament

The President is the representative of Parliament. She is elected for the duration of an electoral term. According to parliamentary custom, the biggest parliamentary group has the right to propose the candidate for this office.

Carola Veit (SPD) has been President of the Hamburg Parliament since 23 March 2011.


The President has the task of safeguarding the rights of Parliament and its Members and preserving the dignity of the Bürgerschaft. Acting impartially, she takes care that the rules of procedure are observed and upholds appropriate behaviour in the house. Her work is supported by the Bürgerschaft Chancellery, which has about 100 staff. The President exercises authority in the rooms used by the Parliament. As Parliament’s representative, she attends important events and speaks on behalf of the Bürgerschaft.

The President’s responsibilities include presiding over the sittings of Parliament. The Vice Presidents deputise for her, sharing the task of presiding over Parliament. She must conduct sittings of Parliament fairly and impartially. During a sitting it is her job to maintain order in the debating chamber and make sure the rules are observed.

The President as Member of Parliament

The President does not have to abstain completely from party politics. She is allowed to vote and may take part in debates as a normal Member of Parliament as long as she is not sitting in the President’s chair.

The President and the Vice Presidents and Secretaries who deputise for and support her make up the Council (Presidium).

The Council

After the election when the new Parliament assembles, it elects the members of the Council for the duration of the electoral term. Roles on the Council are filled in order of strength of the parliamentary groups.

These are the Council members in the 22st legislative period:

  • President: Carola Veit (SPD)
  • First Vice President: Mareike Engels (GRÜNE)
  • Vice President: Frank Schmitt (SPD)
  • Vice President: André Trepoll (CDU)
  • Vice President: Deniz Çelik (Die LINKE)
  • Secretary: Güngör Yilmaz (SPD)
  • Secretary: Rosa Domm (GRÜNE) 


The Council supports and deputises for the President, helping her to fulfil her responsibilities. For example, the Vice Presidents chair the parliamentary sittings on her behalf. The Secretaries receive requests to speak, collect voting papers during parliamentary votes and establish the result of votes.